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I love illustration and pattern design so that's what I do!

About Me


My name is Kerry.. Kezia is my name on Spoonflower. It is a bit of a mix of my nickname Kez and my middle name Elizabeth. This blog is my little visual diary... I really, really love to draw and create :)  

When I was about 8 we were given an Apple mac computer and I started in the world of digital design.  I used to draw colourful clothes on lines, genies escaping from bottles and people getting married.

Since my university degree in textiles have worked as a colour separation artist and digital designer for printed fabric and wallpaper so I'm a whizz with repeats and technical stuff for printed goodies.  

I want to do more of my own creations but I'll keep an open mind with any project and can work with your artwork and ideas.  I listen, respond and think I'm pretty easy to work with!

I am based in Manchester UK and at the moment I am working on my portfolio as well as freelance work and projects.   

I have skills in hand illustration, splashing paint around, Photoshop and Illustrator and most importantly making a lovely cup of tea!

If you would like to commission me, collaborate with me or licence any of my designs, I'd love to hear from you.

**Quirky fact- I am ambidextrous and swap hands regularly when working... freaky!**   

Contact me at keziatextile@gmail.com