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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring in a little garden!

I am so glad spring is finally here! I've been anticipating my tulips flowering for a long time and now they have they are so beautiful.. I planted them back in the autumn along with some purple crocus which along with a couple of lonely snowdrops were the only sign of flora in my little garden...

Now I have these beauties!  Even better, there are a few more pretty plants just coming into their moment like this bleeding heart and clematis...

My garden is so tiny but I try to have a few things in flower all the way through the summer and into autumn.  I love the variety and mood lifting qualities of beautiful flowers and can't wait to enjoy my little garden through the summer!


  1. Hi Kerry, I came upon your blog via Spoonflower - firstly, congrats on winning the poetry contest! I'm a Manchester UK blogger as well (interior design/DIY) so you piqued my interest and I am loving your designs so glad I did! The peacock one especially - gorgeous!

    Anyway, thought I'd say hello and best of luck to you - you have so much talent, I'm sure you will be very successful! x

  2. Hello! Thank you for your lovely comment.. it's so great to get such support! Going to have a look at your blog now! x