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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Bootcamp!

Hello world!  Well June has been and gone... I've been so busy I didn't post about this month's assignment.  This month the theme was nautical.  We had to produce a piece of wall art in this theme.  I love the seaside and I always think back to holidays in Cornwall when I was a child.  

I've also been doing a little collage recently so I decided to use a blue collage I made which reminded me of the sea.  I added a friendly whale and and a few of his friends as well as a boat.  I aimed my piece for children as the sea side is a very happy place for little ones!

I hope you like it!  You can see everyone elses work here- http://bootcamp.lillarogers.com/bootcamp-june-2014-gallery/

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May Bootcamp

Hello world!  We had a month off Bootcamp through April, which kind of worked out well for me as I've been busy on other projects and freelance work.  I was raring to go and couldn't wait to see what the assignment would be.  This month Lilla had us drawing people, dolls in particular!  I ended up with some funny sketches and photos...

 These are from the Vintage Village market in Stockport.  Lilla also gave us some inspiration using some of her dolls... here's my rough and ready sketching!

 We were asked to try a different medium than usual so I had a go with my ancient oil pastels for some.  I think they would've been better if the pastels hadn't got so grubby over the years.  I enjoyed the process though.  The first week is all about loosening up and having fun.

Finally the big assignment was revealed and it was for Editorial. I kind of expected it with doing all the people but it is something totally new for me.  We had to illustrate an article about meditation. So all my daft dollies were out of the window as I wanted something zen and beautiful!  To be honest, I did struggle but worked right to the wire and got together something I'm fairly happy with.

It's really hard to feel confident when you are surrounded by so much talent in the group but I'm learning lots and having good fun with it.  Can't wait for the next assignment!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Doodles

Happy Easter world!
Most of my workings are rather behind the scenes at the moment.  I'm collaborating with a local studio on their designs which get sold all over the world for high end interior textiles so I can't really blog about them.  I've also been working hard on some collections greetings cards, which is a new thing for me so fingers crossed I have success in this exciting market...

As well as all this work I love to doodle... I really do!  When Spoonflower put up a contest for colour-it-yourself wallpaper for children AND with a floral theme I just thought that no matter how busy I am I will enter a design... So here it is!

You can see my design here on Spoonflower!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Midnight Lilies design for Spoonflower

Hello world,  I've been so busy with exciting things in the pipeline.  Hopefully I will be working with a fab Art Licensing agency so I've been hard at work creating some new designs exclusively for them.

Before all this, I'd made a start on a Lily design for the latest Spoonflower contest.  Realising the deadline was today, I thought it would be a shame not to finish it and get my entry in!

Here is my design, when I get a chance to breathe I may do some coordinates for it :)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

It's so good to see spring here... I will probably keep going on about it but new life and this time of year makes me so happy.  There is always a cycle in nature and the sight of everything being re-born in Spring never fails to amaze me.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Summery Flowers

After a wet winter, it is so nice to see signs of spring.  I've been inspired to get my paints out and have a little splash of flowers and colour...

Monday, 24 March 2014

Bootcamp March- Jelly!

Phew!  Yesterday I made my submission to Lilla Roger's March Bootcamp gallery.  The theme was Jelly and I must admit I was a little bit thrown by the topic as jelly just makes me think of cold wobbly yuck!  I did some image gathering and decided to just throw some watercolour around.

As it happened, I ended up with a freelance job to do which took up my Mini week of sketching and playing so I really didn't explore the topic and loosen up as much as I'd have liked.

Initial work for my jelly assignment
I decided to see what the main assignment would be and when we found out it was for bolt fabric, I decided I would just sketch some motifs and re-draw them in Illustrator so that I could place them easily and change the colours.  I wanted to pull together a little collection in a bit of a retro style.

Redrawn icons and starting to look at placement
I quite liked these colours but we were given a pretty cool palette by Lilla to work with if we wanted.  I'd been seeing these colours around a bit and really wanted to use them but I'm more used to bright, rich colour and I found it really difficult to make a collection that didn't just look washed out.

After hours of tweaking and playing I finished up with this.

I quite like it, although I did struggle a bit and I'm not completely over the moon with how it all turned out.  We have a month off Bootcamp as Lilla is doing the full Make Art That Sells course... I'd love to do this but I've not got the time or money at the moment!

The next assignment, I'm going to challenge myself to concentrate on more traditional work.  I've really been enjoying my painting so I'm going to stay away from the computer as much as possible.

It really inspires me to see the work everyone in my Facebook feed.  The gallery goes live tomorrow so I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's Jellies!